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"Delicious Family Meals Under $25" by Crystal McCole is a simple, budget-friendly cookbook. It's packed with easy, budget-friendly recipes for all meals, including dessert. You'll find tips for meal planning, shopping, and cooking with everyday ingredients. It's perfect for families wanting tasty meals without spending a lot or needing special kitchen skills.

Delicious Family Recipes Under $25

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The "Delicious Family Recipes Under $25" e-Cookbook is available in a digital PDF format. This widely supported format ensures compatibility across a vast range of devices, including e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and computers, providing flexibility and convenience for readers to access the cookbook from anywhere.


    Upon purchase, customers are granted a personal use license for the "Delicious Family Recipes Under $25." This license allows for the e-book to be used by the purchaser and their immediate family members within their household. The e-book file may be stored on any device owned by the purchaser or printed for personal use. Redistribution, sharing of the digital file, or commercial use in any form, including the resale of recipes, is strictly prohibited to protect the intellectual property rights of the author and to ensure the exclusivity of the content for legitimate purchasers.

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